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Springs Theatre Company is now producing under the name-

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Community Driven Theatre

"Theatre by the Community, for the Community, supported by the Community"

Stagestruck Productions is Currently
Developing a Permanent Home

After years of a vagabond lifestyle, StageStruck is working on creating a new, permanent, indoor home. The new location is conveniently located on the main highway, in a downtown center with plenty of lighted parking for our evening guests. In addition, we will be creating another area of service to our community. Housed within the property, which is within walking distance of many lower income Pagosans, will be a thrift store dedicated to quality items at affordable prices. The venue will also have an area devoted to costume rentals perfect for parties and holidays. On non-production evenings, the venue will be made available for perfomances by local bands or other entertainers or it can be rented for private parties, fundraisers, recetions, reunions, as well as, other types of community events.

Needless to say, we are in need of additional funding to make the space suitable for our specific needs. We are seeking donations, both in cash and in kind. Details can be found on our Donations page.

As the center opens, many additional volunteer opportunities, both event based and long-term, will be needing staff. Please see a partial list on our Volunteer page or express your interest via Email.

Our Recent 2014 Summer Series

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AllNothing-Small (44K) GirlsNightOut-Small (55K) BigBand-Small (20K)

Announcements and Events:

Mosaic_Logo (313K) In January 2011, STC announced the creation of a Christian Theatre Ministry known as Mosaic. With two productions already under its belt and two more in production this year, Mosaic is actively working to meet the spiritual needs of Pagosa and beyond.

The Mosaic website can be found here.